BISD Recruits Teachers from Mexico

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Students with the Bryan Independent School District may start school on the 15th, but teachers are already back to work.

They're setting up their classrooms and attending meetings, but for one group of teachers the in-service schedule is brand new.

It's their first year with the school district and their first year to work in the United States.

Jose Garcia is preparing for the first day of school.

"I have been told that if you want to learn more you have to teach someone else how to make things," Garcia said.

It is his first year to teach at Anson Jones Elementary and it's his first year to work in the United States.

"When they asked me if I wanted to teach here in the Bryan Independent School District I immediately said yes," Garcia said.

Garcia is one of eight teachers recruited by the school district from Monterrey, Mexico this year.

10 of the 12 teachers recruited by the district last year have signed on for another year.

The program is called Teacher Track. The state provides applicants with 240 hours of training in Mexico, and then Texas school districts recruit.

BISD has recruits working at several schools in the district.

"These teachers come, they are very eager, energetic, willing to come into the classrooms, and share their knowledge," Gloria Garcia-Rhodes with the Bryan Independent School District said.

"Education is something that is a big step to becoming a good person in the future," Dion Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez was one of the teachers recruited last year.
He worked as a doctor in Mexico before switching careers.
Marin Pozos, another recruited teacher, was a manager of an office supply company before coming to Bryan.

"I always wanted to teach," Pozos said.

It's that passion to educate, the school district says has made the program a success.

"We've been very pleased and very excited with the program," Garcia-Rhodes said.

The school district says it will continue recruiting south of the border.

There is one problem that could hinder this year's program.
The Bryan school district says several recruited teachers are waiting for their visas to get approved.
The school district says the hold up is blamed on getting paperwork from Mexico to the U.S.
School officials have contacted Chet Edward's office to help speed up the process.
Bilingual substitutes are on stand-by until the issue can be worked out.