Easterwood Tightens Security

When Gina Buckner arrived at Easterwood Airport Thursday morning, she had already heard the news of an alleged terror plot, and a ban on all liquids aboard flights.

"I went ahead and repacked everything I could, but I do have a few things that qualify a little further," said the Louisiana native.

Before she could pass through security, Buckner had to repack her bags, putting contact solution and mascara into her checked luggage.

"It's kind of a pain to get it out, but if that's what we have to do to be safe, then whatever," said Buckner.

Many travelers had to repack carry-on bags on Thursday before they were allowed past security checkpoints at Easterwood.

"Given the threat they discovered, it seems like a reasonable thing to do," Bryan resident Alex McIntosh said.

Bernice Biermann spent an extra 10 minutes reorganizing her luggage before boarding her flight.

"It was a pain, but not that big of a deal. I don't get upset over those kinds of things," said Biermann.

"If you have something to drink, you need to finish it before you go through the screening check point because you will not be allowed to carry that through the check point at this time," said Kim Sutphen, Associate Director for Airport Administration at Easterwood.

Passengers were also greeted by signs warning that the nation's threat level for all commercial flights operating in the U.S. had been raised to high, or orange.

"Unfortunately the terrorist are constantly looking for a way to attack us, and they will continue to try to test the system," said Sutphen.

A system that Easterwood Airport officials say is working.

"TSA responded very quickly to the orders they were given to adjust the screening process, so for the first flight, they were prepared and ready to go. The flights are going out normally as planned and things are operating very smoothly."

Liquids and gels banned from carry-on luggage include beverages, shampoo, lotion, creams, tooth paste and other items of similar consistency.

Exceptions include baby formula, breast milk, or juice if a baby or small child is traveling; prescription medicine with a name that matches the passenger's ticket; and insulin and essential other non-prescription medicines.