More Details About Fiery Fatal Accident

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The Department of Public Safety in Robertson County has released more information regarding a fatal three vehicle accident north of Calvert.
The accident happened around 4 a.m. Thursday on Highway 6 in a construction zone.

Authorities say the driver of an 18-wheeler, hauling steel, lost control of the vehicle and rolled.
The cab and trailer separated during the accident, dumping the steel on the highway.

The crash then caused a chain reaction.
A second 18-wheeler carrying Mrs. Baird's bread hit the steel and collided with the first vehicle.

Then a third 18-wheeler struck the second vehicle, starting a fire.
The driver of the Mrs. Baird's truck, Ronald McCullough of Burleson, Texas, died in the crash.
The driver of the third 18-wheeler, Jerry Dossy of Eddy, Texas, is listed in fair condition at St. Joseph's in Bryan.
The other driver and one passenger were treated and released.

TxDOT crews worked for several hours to repair the highway.

The fire melted the asphalt, evaporated the oil underneath the highway, and left a roadway of only rocks.

"We had to come back in and take that rock out," said Bob Colwell, Texas Department of Transportation. "Then crews put new material in and put a hot mix over the top of it, and a flat surface to protect it. What we did yesterday will be a permanent fix."

After DPS finished its investigation it took them 3 hours Thursday to repair damages costing up to $25,000.

The accident closed portions of Highway 6 for much of the day Thursday.
DPS says the investigation will be turned over to Texas' accident reconstruction team.
None of the drivers have been cited at this time.