A Celebration Of Three Lives

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Friends and family of three local teens killed earlier this week paid their respects Saturday.

The three siblings, Elizabeth and David Pickens and Jonathan Demott, and a passenger were leaving a convenience store in Atlanta, Texas Tuesday afternoon, on their way back from a family trip to Tennessee, when their vehicle was broadsided by an 18-wheeler, killing the trio.

"There have been a lot of tears shed, a lot of brokenness, a lot of sleeplessness and we're going to be dealing with that for a while. But you know something, it's always like good medicine to celebrate the good times," said Rev. David Murphy, Calvary Baptist Church.

Family and friends gathered to celebrate the three young lives and say goodbye.

"At times like this when there is such loss, we remember even in the midst of loss, we can discover something," said Murphy.

Hundreds of mourners filled Central Baptist Church in Church in Bryan for the funeral of 18-year-old Elizabeth Pickens and 14-year-old David Pickens.

"Though the length of their life was not nearly as long as we wanted it to be, oh they lived it well," said Murphy.

The bother and sister and their step-brother Demott, were killed in a car accident in East Texas Tuesday. Saturday, Elizabeth was remembered as bright, energetic girl with a passion for life.

"She was a full throttle kind of person. She did things with gusto and zest," said Ray Spradling, family friend.

David was remembered as a lover of sports, especially football, who was eager to start high school.

"He would have been a freshman with many of you out there in just a few days. He was looking forward to that," said Spradling.

But as tears shed for the three lives throughout the sanctuary, everyone was encouraged to celebrate.

"They have given so much more than they demanded of family, friends, and schoolmates and church. You know what, for that we celebrate," said Murphy.

Celebrate three young lives that were tragically lost in what many believe was before their time.

Funeral services for Jonathan Demott will be held early next week in Bessemer, Alabama.