Weekend Shopping In Calvert

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It wasn't a normal quiet Sunday in Calvert. Visitors from all over the state came to the Brazos Valley town for a little sightseeing and antique shopping at the 26th Annual Antique Sale and Celebration.

"This weekend has been phenomenal, every weekend should be this good," said Sandra Hulsey, owner, Cowboy Up.

Antique businesses in Calvert were bustling on Sunday for the event. Hulsey wishes all weekends were the same.

"I would like to see our city start doing something like this at least once a month," she said.

Most antique shops in Calvert are closed on Sundays, but this weekend they were open for business drawing crowds from as far away as Houston and Austin.

"I just wanted to stop and look," said Robert Spence, antique shopper.

Spence and his wife are first time visitors to Calvert. They drove from Houston for the antique sale.

"You just forget the rest of the world for a couple of hours and look and see what else is around," said Spence.

So far so good for Spence. He wasn't looking for anything specific, but quite a few things caught his eye.

"We will always see several things that we would like to have if we had a place to put it," he said.

Hulsey says that's the way it should be every weekend. Her store is one of the few open seven days a week. She feels Calvert would see a boom in tourism if other stores followed suit.

"I would love to see Calvert be as good as it was this weekend every weekend. We could be a target destination," said Hulsey.

But for now, the Antique Sale and Celebration is limited to one weekend a year and it's a weekend people from all over can Texas enjoy.