Incident Disrupts Cease-fire

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There has been a clash between Israel and Hezbollah in south Lebanon.

The Israeli Army says troops fired on a group of armed Hezbollah fighters, hitting one. Army officials say the fighters were approaching in a "threatening way." It's not known if the fighter was killed or wounded.

The incident occurred about three hours after a cease-fire took effect.

An army official says Israeli soldiers will maintain their positions until they are replaced by the Lebanese army and a United Nations force.

Leftover ordnance in south Lebanon has killed one child and wounded 15 as they were returning to their homes.

And with the cease-fire mostly in place today, Israel and Hezbollah are engaged in a war of words.

Israel says Hezbollah's "state within a state" has been destroyed, but Hezbollah is distributing leaflets congratulating Lebanon on its "big victory."