Crawford Protesters

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Anti-war demonstrators in Crawford say they hope that the end of President Bush's ranch vacation doesn't hurt attendance at their protests.

They urged those who oppose the war in Iraq to keep coming the rest of this summer to the five-acre campsite that Cindy Sheehan purchased last month. Sheehan resumed her protest a week ago.

Sheehan's first trek to the one-stoplight town last August during Bush's monthlong vacation turned into a 26-day vigil. It drew more than ten-thousand people and spurred counter-protests by Bush supporters.

A few hundred war opponents returned at Thanksgiving, when Bush was at his ranch, and again in April, the president's first Easter away from Crawford.

Yesterday, only about 100 protesters were camped on the Sheehan property, but they hope to increase their numbers.

Bush arrived at his ranch August 3rd and returned to Washington yesterday as previously scheduled, his shortest summer vacation yet
amid turmoil in the Middle East and an uncertain future for the Republican party in fall elections.

A White House spokesman says the president's schedule was not affected by the presence of the protesters.