New Task Force Gets State Grant

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A 740-thousand dollar grant from the state will supply most of the money needed to bring the Criminal Law Enforcement Assistance and Response Team, or CLEAR, up to full staff in Brazos County.

The team is designed to cover the Brazos County portion of what the Drug Task Force used to do. Sheriff Chris Kirk says the grant won't cover all the expenses. About three hundred thousand dollars will have to come from the county and the City of College Station. They are the only two supporters of the CLEAR team at this time.

Still, Brazos County Sheriff Kirk is thankful for the boost. "We are so appreciative for the Governor's recognition of the need for this team in Brazos County. I know they will operate effectively and meet the goals set for them."

CLEAR will focus on investigating criminal enterprises operating in the area. They will also look into drug problems, violent crime and gang issues.