Marijuana Field Discovered

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What started out as a call to check on a dead person in Grimes County, ended with the discovery of more than three hundred marijuana plants. The site is just off FM 1486 near the south-east county line.

According to the Grimes County Sheriff's office, the story began to unfold on August 12, 2006. That is when the call came in for officers to check on a deceased person at 1755 FM 1486. Upon arrival, deputies found 60-year-old Michael Darnell dead. There were no signs of foul play. An autopsy later showed Darnell died of natural causes.

While out investigating the death, detectives noticed a few pot plants growing on the porch. The Sheriff's office says family on the site asked them to determine if any other marijuana was growing on the property. Two days later, investigators came out on ATV's and searched the entire fourty acres. Three hundred marijuana plants were discovered. Each one was between three inches and seven feet tall. The street value is thought to be around four hundred and eighty thousand dollars.

According to DPS and the Montgomery County Special Investigations Unit, they worked similar cases on Darnell in the early 1970's and 1990's.