Another Bad Grade for Bryan ISD

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Low TAKS scores are coming back to haunt Bryan ISD. First, their TEA accountability ratings left some schools with the "academically unacceptable" label. Now, the federal government has released its own scores, and once again, a few Bryan Schools fell below the mark.

The grading system is called the Adequate Yearly Progress, or AYP. College Station schools received passing marks, but four Bryan Schools didn't.

"Bryan High School, the Ace Campus, the Grad Campus and SFA, all are on the list for some part of the TAKS results falling below AYP standards," said Sandy Farris with Bryan ISD.

Like TEA ratings, the AYP takes into account TAKS scores. However, AYP also measures other factors like drop-out and graduation rates.

"A couple of those campuses, Ace and Grad, ended up on that AYP list this time because of the graduation rates," said Farris.

TEA requires all schools that don't meet standards to pay for students to transfer to schools that do. In Bryan, there is only one high school, not counting the alternative schools which are also on the list, so only students at SFA have that option.

"If a parent wanted to transfer their student to another high school, that option just isn't available," said Farris.

Students might not be the only asset SFA loses. SFA receives Title I funding from the federal government. Their not-so-stellar results could mean losses there, too.

"SFA is a different story because they do take Title I money and they have been on the list for two years, so there are more implications," said Farris.

The district doesn't feel that will be a problem. They say they've already taken steps to help raise scores next year.

"Sometimes, it's like the circus juggling the plates. We need to make sure all plates are spinning at the same time. That's what we're doing," said Farris.