Missing Man's Mother Pleads for Return

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Bryan Police continue to ask for help in the search for a missing mentally handicapped man. Filiberto Espinoza disappeared without a trace two weeks ago Wednesday. Two weeks on, and his mother pleads for his safe return.

Since an incident nine years ago left him mentally handicapped, the 29-year-old Espinoza spent a lot of his time roaming his neighborhood. For the last five years, his family has lived in West Bryan.

In mid-to-late July, Filiberto returned from an outing and wasn't the same after, according to his mother, Maria Felix.

"I saw that he came inside, and he was anxious," she said. "He would walk in and walk out, and he was anxious."

And come August 2nd, he was gone. Bryan Police have received a pair of unsubstantiated tips, but not much more.

"Thus far, there is nothing that we've uncovered, heard, seen, anything that would lead us to believe that there was anything criminal involved in this," said Freddie Komar, one of Bryan PD's assistant chiefs.

But the fact that Espinoza is still out of sight makes this case a rarity according to authorities.

"It's very disappointing as far as where it's developed," Komar said. "Probably 98-99 percent of the missing person cases have already been recovered by this point. Most of them do not stay missing, if you will, for this long."

Filiberto's language skills are limited. His mother, Maria, says he only knows Spanish, that he's prone to tell wild stories, yet can't recite the simplest bits of information, like his age or his birthday.

In actuality, the simplest of connections -- a son to his mother -- is what sustains him. Maria says Filiberto only eats, drinks and takes his medication through her.

"If you see this man, my son, it's true that he needs me, and please call the police so they can pick him up and return him to me," Felix said. "Sometimes I think he is in danger. Other times, I don't know. I just think of a lot of things, and sometimes I think maybe he's just dead somewhere."

Espinoza stands 5'5", weighs 125 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. He has a tattoo on one leg, and a scar on one arm.

If you have any information on Espinoza's whereabouts, call Bryan Police.