San Antonio Man Faces Execution

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Condemned inmate Richard Hinojosa says a previous manslaughter conviction for which he served prison time is costing him his life.

The 44-year-old former custodian in San Antonio faces execution Thursday night in Huntsville.

Hinojosa was sentenced to death over the 1994 abduction, rape and slaying of a female neighbor who came upon him burglarizing her home.

The victim was Terry Wright.

Back in 1986, Hinojosa agreed to an eight-year term for voluntary manslaughter for gunning down a man in the street outside his home.

Jurors in the Wright case were told of that shooting as they were to consider punishment for her death.

A prosecutor says DNA evidence and a tennis shoe imprint left at the scene proved Hinojosa is guilty.

Hinojosa Wednesday was upbeat in conversations with reporters at the Polunsky Unit, saying, quote: "At least I know where I'm going."