Search for Missing California Man On-Going

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Family and friends continue to search for a California man who went missing in Robertson County two months ago.
70-year-old Byron Freeman was driving to a class reunion in Palestine when he got lost.

Police found his car in Franklin, but searches for him, including one by Texas Equusearch, have turned up empty.
Now his family is stepping up their involvement, so the search for Freeman continues.

"We want answers," Byron Freeman's nephew Lauris Freeman said.

Almost 50 days later, Lauris is making sure his uncle's name stays alive.

"That's why we're here," Freeman said. "He's somewhere and until you tell me where he is or that he's not in a certain place, he's out there."

Lauris flew from California with his father to hang up posters and meet with law enforcement regarding the search.

"For the family to think that he vanished into thin air has been a really frustrating experience," Freeman said. "So we're just trying to keep the story alive and trying to get the word out to local people in the area that we're still looking for him."

Robertson County officials are no longer actively searching for Freeman.
Lauris says they are at loss since no tips have come in and there has been no sign of his uncle.

"You just look for some kind of resolution," Freeman said. "Someone to tell you we have an answer and then you just hope there are people out there who will help you. "

Lauris says they will not give up, and will continue to search until his uncle is found.

Byron Freeman is 70-years-old, 5' 8'', 150 pounds, and he was last wearing a green jumpsuit.
Freeman was last seen walking on Hwy 79 in Franklin. He may possibly be disoriented.
Anyone with information regarding the search for Byron Freeman can contact the Robertson County Sheriff's Office at 828-3299.