Deadly Heat Bakes Portions of Texas

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The state's streak of 100-degree plus weather continued Thursday with little relief on the horizon - and a mounting death toll.

At least 19 people have died in Texas during this summer's heat wave. Fifteen of the deaths have been confirmed in Dallas County.

National Weather Service meterologist Brian Carcione says heat and drought will likely continue to ravage a broad swath central Texas, from Laredo up to Wichita Falls and San Angelo to Paris.

Carcione says Dallas and Fort Worth have seen temperatures hit 105 degrees three times this month, including yesterday. It came below 100 one day so far this month.

Meanwhile, rain remains in the forecast for portions of West Texas, already drenched from storms.

Dallas County officials say most deaths are elderly people without enough air conditioning at home.

Jane Wigginton, a Dallas emergency room doctor, says very young and very old people are vulnerable. She says "weekend warriors" that suddenly decide to do outdoor physical activity have also fallen victim to heat exhaustion.