$36,000 Raised For Dog Shot in Face

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A Conroe woman raised more than $36,000 for a dog who was shot in the face and left to die in a trash bag on the side of the road in Montgomery County.

It's unclear where the abuse started, but it ended on Bulldog Lane in Conroe.

“My neighbor was going to the store. He was driving by and the dog was sealed in this bag. The bag was tied to this T-post,” said Tami Augustyn.

Somehow, the 3-year-old dog was still alive. Augustyn is a dog rescuer in Conroe, so she rushed the dog, who she named Buck, to the Conroe Animal Emergency Clinic.

“He was shot in the face with a buck shot, then left to die,” said Dr. Ron Hendrick, a Veterinarian with Animal Emergency Clinic of Conroe.

“He has all of these bullets all over his face, neck, shoulders, in his mouth, gums, and sadly in his eyes even,” said Augustyn.

Augustyn wanted to get Buck the help he needed, the problem was she couldn't afford it. That's when she created a Facebook page to share Buck's story. She called the page "Buck Needs Bucks for his Buckshot Injuries".

“You will never find anybody or anything that loves you like a dog. Why would you injure something like that? I don't understand,” said Augustyn.

In just four days, Buck's story touched people around the world. Augustyn asked for $2,500, and she's received more than $35,000. Buck's medical bills are more than paid for, and Augustyn says he's getting healthier every day.

“His prognosis is pretty good actually,” said Dr. Hendrick. “He’s a wonderful dog. He'd make someone a great pet.”

However, Buck has now become more than a pet. He's a mascot and an inspiration. Augustyn says she's creating an organization with the extra money to assist other rescue organizations and raise awareness about animal cruelty. She's calling it the Buck Foundation.