Behind the Cafeteria Door

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School nutrition has been a hot button issue. At Bryan ISD, nutrition has received a great deal of attention. Did you know, Specialists plan menus a year in advance? The semester is young, but it seems students have an appetite for healthier fare.

The Bryan School District serves between ten and eleven thousand lunches every day. The school boasts they are the largest restaurant in town and workers think they may even be one one of the cleanest.

The cafeteria manager at Johnson Elementary, Mary Ann Luza, says her goal to take care of what she calls her kids. "I have about three hundred and fifty that come through this line, so they're all my babies."

Cafeteria staff prepare for meals a day in advance. Whether it's cutting up vegetables, thawing low fat pizza, or baking whole wheat rolls. "In case an emergency comes up we have things ready to go," says Luza.

The food the staff is preparing follows strict nutritional guidelines.
There are at least three servings of fruit offered at lunch. There are no desserts available. And, most of the items are baked, including the chicken nuggets.

"We're also serving those kid friendly meals. Kids like chicken nuggets, they like pizza. That's what they're seeing in the market so we serve it here, but we actually have a healthier product on the line."

The Bryan school district encourages parents to come and eat with their kids at lunch to see what the cafeterias offer.