CS Assistant City Manager Candidates Named

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College Station has two assistant city manager spots to fill, and now, six candidates to choose from.

Friday, the city announced its half-dozen finalists for the positions. They include five Texans, with the sixth candidate being from Alabama. There's also a candidate already in the College Station ranks, as interim assistant city manager Mark Smith is on the short list.

The candidates are:

-Mike Land, City Manager, Gainesville, TX
-Kathy Merrill, Asst. City Manager, Abilene, TX
-Modesto Mundo, Asst. City Manager, Lake Jackson, TX
-Mark Smith, Interim Asst. City Manager, College Station, TX
-Melissa Vossmer, former Asst. City Manager, San Antonio, TX
-David Watkins, former City Manager in Auburn, AL

Those six will be in town August 29 and 30 for interviews. More than 170 applied for the two jobs.

As part of some restructuring of College Station's city staff, a second assistant city manager spot was created. Before becoming city manager, Glenn Brown was serving as an assistant.