One Night Only: Gas Drops 50 Cents at One Station

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It's been quite a while since drivers have seen gas prices near the $2.30 mark. But West Oaks Baptist Church made that a reality for a few hundred local drivers. And 50 cents off gasoline was enough to drive a lot of residents to their offer.

Drivers lined up around the Shell station at 2818 and Villa Maria didn't let the signs fool them. This gas was cheap.

Cheaper than it's been in months.

Fifty cents off each gallon cheap.

"Wow, I can't believe it," was the reaction of Sharon Kirkham, one gas purchaser. "It was incredible that the community would do this."

But for West Oaks Baptist Church, taking time on a Friday eveninghelping drivers with 4,000 gallons-worth of gas was worth it.

"I had a pastor friend of mine that did it down in Kyle, Texas, south of Austin, and it did it with great success," said James Heffington, the pastor at West Oaks. "They were able to minister to the community and really let people know they're cared about, and that's what we want to do at West Oaks as well."

"It's just a way for us to pay back the community for everything that they've done for us," said Melody Almaraz, who works at West Oaks, "and just our way of saying thank you for letting us be a part of the community."

"I think it's great," said gas buyer Janette Hedge, "and I'm thankful for the church to think about the community and giving back to the community."

And it's been months since signs pointed to gas priced so low.

"It's worth it," said fellow purchaser Kathy Dunn. "For 50 cents off with the price of gas now with the price of gas now, it's worth it. I let my tank run empty so I could come and fill up today."

"When you have 20 gallons, it adds up," added Kirkham. "These days, every little bit helps."

Especially with no sign of prices going that low again, but this one time certainly got a lot of people pumped.

West Oaks Baptist Church provided 4,014 gallons of gas at 50 cents off, and served around 400 drivers. There were also donations made to the church, and area businesses also offered reduced prices for the event.