And Then There Were Three

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Officials at the City of Bryan have been searching for a candidate to fill the city manager position for close to 6 months. While the search isn't over just yet, it's been narrowed down to three candidates: Garry Brumback, an assistant city manager in Clearwater; Fl; Joey Dunn, Bryan's deputy city manager; and Theo Vaults, a manufacturing manager from Tomball.

"I bring a lot of leadership based on my military background and also I bring in a lot of knowledge," said Vaults.

"I've got the leadership and management skills, coupled with a really good in depth knowledge of municipal operations," said Brumback.

Vaults and Brumback are excited about the possibility of being selected for the position. Both say they are attracted to the job because of the city's current and future growth potential.

"It's about to embark on a pretty big growth stream, so I think it's a community that looks fabulous to be a part of," said Brumback.

"You have a great potential for a lot of the growth in regards to economics, social and recreational," said Vaults. "It's a small town atmosphere and also a big city atmosphere."

But the job won't be all milk and honey and Brumback and Vaults are prepared for the growing pains that may lie ahead.

"One of the challenges will probably be to attract big businesses or small to medium size businesses here to disperse some of that growth," said Vaults.

"Some of the challenges is the untapped potential. There are opportunities from both an infrastructure standpoint and an economic development and growth management standpoint," said Brumback.

As part of the interview process, candidates were given a tour of the city Saturday morning. They walked away with ideas on what vision they have for Bryan, once again growth is the theme.

"I'd like to see the growth, that is inevitable, is well managed and that everyone in the city has an opportunity to benefit," said Brumback.

"What I'd like to see is some economic growth as far as bringing in some other businesses, small to medium sized businesses, in the area," said Vaults.

The city hasn't given a specific date for naming their final selection, but the candidates hope to have an answer by the end of the week.

The third candidate Joey Dunn, Bryan's Deputy City Manager, could not be reached for comment. He has an extensive career in municipal government both with the cities of Bryan and College Station.

Dunn worked as a staff planner in College Station for three years. In 1997 he became Bryan's Planning and Development Services manager, a position he held for about seven years. He then went back to the City of College Station as a planning director before returning to his current position in Bryan in March.