Twin City Mission Shelter Destroyed By Fire

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Fire investigators have not determined what caused a fire Sunday morning that destroyed a Twin City Mission shelter in downtown Bryan. The fire broke out about 7:30 am and although nothing is definite, the Bryan Fire Department believes the fire started on the second floor.

"These individuals didn't have anything when they came here. What little bit they did have, as they started to put their life back together again, is gone in just a matter of hours," said Ron Crozier, Twin City Mission.

The mission has provided a home for the homeless for more than 40 years. Now the building many rely on for shelter, is gone.

"What was upstairs came downstairs and what was downstairs is gone," said Crozier. "We're pretty much going to have to right that one off."

The building was home to 10 mission clients and while all of their belongings were destroyed, their spirits weren't. The group is thankful they were able to escape without injury.

"All of our clients have said, that's just stuff, we can do without. They were all happy they could get out together," said Crozier.

In addition to serving as the long term shelter, the building also served as a storage facility for office supplies and the Community Café.

"That's where we kept the deep freezers for all the food we use in the Community Café. We've got seven deep freezers full of food that's totally gone," said Crozier.

It took the Bryan Fire Department about two hours to put out the flames. The rest of the morning and afternoon was spent securing the building.

"They're going to try to pull all the second floor walls down, so that anyone that's out on the street the building won't be a hazard," said David Turek, Bryan Fire Department.

Twin City Mission specializes in helping individuals and families get their live back on track. But after a fire like this, the organization will need some help of its own getting its business back on track.

The mission has already found alternative housing for the displaced clients. They are able to use the emergency shelter as temporary housing.