Texas Men Remained Jail in Cell Phone Case

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Three Texas men facing federal conspiracy and money laundering charges after purchasing dozens of prepaid cell phones could soon be out of jail.

Twenty-one-year-old Adham Othman, 23-year-old Louai Othman and their cousin 18-year-old Maruan Muhareb, of Mesquite, are being held at a Michigan jail on bonds of 10-thousand dollars each.

Their attorney Nabih Ayad says friends and family have collected 30-thousand dollars for the men to post bond today.

The Palestinian-American men were arrested August 11th at a Wal-Mart store in Caro, north of Detroit. They were accused of terrorism related charges but a Tuscola County judge dismissed state terrorism charges against them.

FBI and state police have since said there was no imminent threat and no information linking the men to known terrorist groups.

Ayad has said his clients are victims of racial profiling and authorities held them for days to find something to charge them with.