Life After The Fire

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"All that they have was upstairs yesterday and that all went up in smoke. They sat there and watched that happen," said Ron Crozier, Twin City Mission.

Residents and staff of the Twin City Mission, Bryan/College Station's only homeless shelter, spent Monday picking up the pieces and trying to get things back to normal, after a fire Sunday destroyed their office and home.

"Our focus here, at the mission, is to help those who come to us for help," said Crozier. "Now, when they happen to be the ones that run into this type of situation, who else are they going to turn to."

Soon after the fire, displaced residents were relocated to the mission's temporary housing facility.

"Now we begin that process of determining where do we go from here?" Crozier stated.

However, that won't be an easy question to answer. If the shelter chooses to rebuild in the same location, they will run into problems.

"Currently the zoning has got to be dealt with," said Mike Southerland, Bryan City Council.

According to Southerland, all hope isn't lost yet, he's prepared to help the mission work out those issues with the city.

"Keen Register and I met with them and identified that as one of the issues that we've got to deal with before they can rebuild right there, if they can rebuild," said Southerland.

For now, Crozier says that's all they can really ask of the city.

"We're just really impressed that the city has taken that initial step to say we're here for you, what can we do for you," said Crozier.

In the meantime, mission staff members find themselves searching for demolition companies and hope additional support from the community will soon come their way.

To make a donation or help the mission with rebuilding efforts, call 979-822-7511.