Texas A&M Revamps Kyle Field Security

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The first Aggie Football game is Saturday, September 2 against The Citadel.

If you're planning on going to Kyle Field this year, you will find some changes regarding stadium security.

The changes have been made to give fans easier access to the stadium.

First off, Texas A&M University is making the switch to electronic ticketing.

"It's much more efficient," Mike Caruso the Associate Athletic Director at Texas A&M University said. "It stops counterfeiting issues that we've had at different sporting events and gives us an up-to-the-minute count on where people are entering and how they're entering. We're going to make it more friendly for them to get into the stadium by giving them information about what gate they can access quicker."

Tickets will be scanned instead of torn; and the scanner will catch tickets that may be fake.

"You don't have to worry about them tearing your ticket. They scan it and you walk right in," Texas A&M Student Scott Thomas said.

Another change to improve efficiency - fans taking items into the game will be separated from those who come empty handed.

"We're going to have signage above the gates that will indicate where you have to come if you do have a bag and where you can go without a bag," Caruso said. "Our thought is it's going to be much quicker for you to get in if you bring nothing that needs to be opened or looked into."

A so called "express lane" will be open to game-goers without a bag.

"It makes entrance so much more efficient," Texas A&M Student Hannah Wilson said.

And staff will closely examine belongings before fans are allowed to enter.

"When you try to get 80,000 people into a stadium it's going to take a while," Caruso said. "So the quicker they can get to the stadium the easier they can enter."

Other than security, you may notice a few other changes.

Due to construction, the southwest corner of Kyle Field will be closed to fans.

And Texas A&M is adding a "Cool Zone."

The "Cool Zone" will be a place where fans can go and cool off after the first quarter.

Currently, the zone is the air-conditioned tent where the Aggie football team practices.

Texas A&M officials say the "Cool Zone," is not a first aid station or a place for kids to play.

They say it's an area for fans feeling uncomfortable because of the heat.

All children 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult.