A New Name For SHSU?

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Sam Houston State University could be in line for a name change. In his state of the university address Wednesday, President James Gaertner confirmed the moniker makeover is a possibility.

"There is a chance in this next legislative session that there will
be an effort to reconfigure the university systems in the state,"
Gaertner said. "If a reorganization takes place, the issue of the names
of the schools in those systems would be in question, and there is a
possibility that we would be called upon to change our name to,
probably, Texas State University-Sam Houston."

Currently, Texas' 74 public and private universities are comprised
into what Gaertner calls "four legitimate systems," other "questionable"
systems with only one or two schools in each system, and four
independent universities that would be part of the reorganization.

"This came up about three years ago, and we fought it as hard as we
could fight it and won that one, so we'll just have to see," he said.
"It's certainly not a done deal by any means; I just don't know how I
could assess the probability of it happening. I don't know if there's a
good chance or just a minimum chance, but it has been talked about