Twin City Mission To Rebuild, But Not in Downtown

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Less than a week after fire destroyed the longtime home of the Twin City Mission, eyes are already on the future.

The shelter announced Thursday it will not be rebuilding in downtown Bryan.

Instead, it already has plans to buy a new piece of property.

The land the shelter wants to acquire is on Sims and 31st Street, southwest of downtown.

This is a long-term solution; in the meantime the shelter needs to recoup its losses.

Twin City Mission's Director of Community Relations, Ron Crozier, said one of the biggest needs right now is money.

The group has to replenish, rebuild and replace many items lost in the fire.

The Twin City Mission is exploring options for a temporary shelter. Even if all goes smoothly, Crozier doesn't expect the new facility to open for three to five years.

The property off 31st street needs a lot of infrastructure work. Water lines, electricity and sewage pipes would have to be installed on the land. Crozier said, there also isn't proper access to the property. He said it needs curbs and driveways, as well.

The new facility would house men, women and families.

When asked about what will be done with the old property in downtown Bryan, Crozier said the only thing the mission might do with the land is build a storage facility on it.

Zoning laws prohibit them from rebuilding at the former location.