SouthPoint Brings Jobs to Grimes County

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Grimes County has gotten an economic shot in the arm. A new manufacturing facility has brought close to 100 jobs to the area in recent months. SouthPoint Industrial Business Park is now located in the 250,000 square-foot former Oakwood Homes Facility, which closed in 2002.

"Here we are in business," said Kenneth Neatherlin, SouthPoint founder and CEO of Centara Building Technologies.

Neatherlin's company, Centara Building Technologies a residential and commercial building manufacturer, is already operating in the facility.

"We've got the first 18 homes already built. Now, we're starting to build some more and then we're looking at some commercial product," he said.

The manufacturing facility collected dust for close to five years. Since Centara has taken over, the facility has been revived and so has the local job market.

"We've got close to 100 (jobs) here now," said Neatherlin.

As the company grows, the number of jobs is expected to grow with it.

"This facility fused to employ over 400 people," said Neatherlin. "We're going to have an expansion again in about three months. I see that employment potentially reaching an excess of 400."

SouthPoint is Neatherlin's second industrial park in the Brazos Valley. Northpoint in Bryan was his first.

"There's over 10 large companies operating in that facility with a lot of life and a lot of employment," he said.

Although SouthPoint isn't as large, so far, it has the same life and valuable employment opportunities.