Twin City Resident Reflects On Loss

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It's was a week ago Sunday that a dormitory of the Twin City Mission in Bryan, the area's only homeless shelter, was lost in a fire. The cause of the fire is still unknown and so is the fate of the building. But the mission's long term residents are trying to establish some sort of normality after the fire.

"It's just like the whole world took a piece of your soul out and just took it away," said Scott Dickerson, Twin City Mission resident.

In fire, Dickerson lost his home of three years.

"Because it happened a week ago, it's probably one of the hardest days we've all had to go through up there," he said. "It's been up and down. We've learned to laugh we've learned to cry."

In the fire, Dickerson lost his all of his possessions. From his CD and movie collection to his wallet and car keys.

"Those things can and will be replaced, it's a possessive thing. The most important this I gathered from all this is that lives were saved," said Dickerson.

Dickerson is no stranger to adversity. The reality of the fire has been hard to grasp and he says it's been even harder to stay positive.

"I really didn't like myself very much for a while," said Dickerson. "Ask me why all this was happening, it's just an up and down kind of week that we all had."

Dickerson says he's not sure what's next for his life, but he knows the situation is temporary. He tries to keep that in the forefront of his mind. Not only for himself, but for the nine other men that also lost everything in the fire.