Local Resident Remembers Katrina

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Tuesday marks the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The storm left hundreds dead and thousands homeless. Close to 2,000 evacuees are still living in the Brazos Valley.

Monique Morris relocated to the Brazos Valley after the storm. Now she is not just living here, she's also giving here.

"When I turned the key of my house and I saw my furniture flipped upside down, I just stood in the middle of the floor and I just cried," said Morris.

Morris says, however, she is thankful for her new life in the Brazos Valley.

"Many times I asked myself, what did I do different? What did I do so different that I am employed?"

Before she arrived in Bryan, Morris says she had never heard of the city. Upon her arrival, she was greeted by Project Unity. Now, she works for the organization as a case manager.

"I actually love my job and I work with evacuees," said Morris.

Morris says even though it's been a year, the devastation of the storm continues. Her case load at Project Unity is close to 100 evacuees - many of them don't know if they will ever return home.

"We are talking about depression; we're talking about mental issues and it's not over," said Morris. "It may be over if you didn't go through the storm, but the ones who went through the storm, the storm is still there."

Given the circumstances, Morris couldn't be happier with her situation. Her son graduated from Bryan High this past May and now attends Prairie View A&M. Her daughter is thriving at Sam Houston Elementary. Morris says, she's here to stay.

"This is where I am going to be until she graduates in 2016."