College Student with Dynamite on Plane Granted Bond

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The parents of a 21-year-old college student who faces a charge of carrying an explosive aboard an aircraft have posted his 75-thousand dollar bond in Houston.

Howard MacFarland Fish was granted bond Monday. He is a junior at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania.

Fish had been in federal custody since early Friday when Customs and Border Patrol agents found a stick of dynamite -- as well as a black powder-based fuse and a blasting cap -- in his checked luggage upon his arrival to Houston on a Continental Airlines flight. The flight originated from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His carry-on luggage contained two more fuses.

The incident involving the younger Fish was among seven security incidents that disrupted US flights on Friday. Authorities say neither the incident involving Fish nor the others had any indication of terrorism.

In an affidavit written by Immigration and Customs Enforcement official, Fish says he got the explosive devices as a souvenir after touring a mine in Bolivia.