South Dakota Execution of Texan Postponed

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A Texas man on South Dakota's death row had his execution postponed while lawmakers review the state's law.

Elijah Page, of Athens, Texas, had asked to be put to death for a grisly torture slaying that would have made his South Dakota's first execution in decades.

He was convicted in the 2000 slaying of 19-year-old Chester Allan Poage.

But Governor Rounds decided to delay the execution set for Tuesday night until the law could be reviewed.

He and Attorney General Larry Long say the law on the books since 1984 requires the state to use two drugs to kill a condemned person. But the standard commonly used now is a three-drug combination.

Long says using the three drugs -- as was planned -- could put the people who carry out the execution at legal risk.

Rounds says the stay is in place until next July.