FedEx Freight Expanding

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FedEx Freight in Bryan has expanded its facility to accommodate future growth.

A 14,000 square-foot freight service center will be located in Burleson County. FedEx and community leaders broke ground Thursday morning on the facility.

The facility will be located at 10200 FM 50.

The service center will have 28 doors, which is up from the current six.

The new facility is part of FedEx's long-term growth and investment strategy.

About 22 employees at the current center in Bryan will be moved to the new facility, and additional positions will be created when needed.

"The first thing I think it will do is broaden the opportunity in the community for business," Dennis Beal with FedEx said. "It will let us have access to better transportation, and it will also be providing more jobs. Both of those things are a benefit to the community."

FedEx expects to open the new center in the spring of 2007.