80-Year-Old is West Nile Victim

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We now know the identity of the person who died of West Nile in Montgomery County.

According to his family, Bill Gensbigler was a healthy individual until early July when he became ill. The 80-year-old died August 16 in an area hospital. He is the first West Nile death in the state this year.

Gensbigler was due to walk his granddaughter down the aisle at her wedding this Saturday. His daughter, Kathie, recalled a trying month-and-a-half.

"On Friday the 7th, he had dry heaves and fever and chills, and we went to the emergency room, and he never came back," she said.

Including Ginsbigler, there have been three known human cases of West Nile in Montgomery County. Two of those are out of The Woodlands. The other is from the southeast portion of the county.