Texas Lake Levels Sinking

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As the statewide drought drags on, lake goers are finding dwindling water. Lake levels across the state are down significantly, and in the Brazos Valley, Lake Somerville is down, too. But Labor Day weekend is a big one for lake goers.

"A lot of people associate this with the official end of summer," said Kim Ochs, Lake Somerville Game Warden. "There's a lot of people on the lake doing recreational boating."

Ochs says boaters might notice a difference in the lake this weekend because the lake level is close to three feet below normal.

"Some of the people are finding some shallow spots, like sandbars, where they normally haven't noticed them before," he said.

One area near the lake looks like a grassy field, but it used to be the shore line for the lake. With levels so low, boats are having a hard time getting off the boating ramps.

"There are some of the boating ramps we're hearing that aren't usable. What that means is there's just not enough water at that particular ramp to launch boats," said Ochs.

The statewide drought hasn't hit Lake Somerville as hard as other Texas lakes. Which means more visitors and their money are coming to Somerville.

"They're informing us that they're usually going to Conroe or Livingston," he said. "But they are seeing that it's pretty low and it's affecting their travel plans and we're seeing people come up here."

The lake camp grounds are sold out for the holiday weekend. While the low levels are causing concern, it isn't stopping boaters from bringing their holiday party to water.