What Jobs Are Hot?

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We have all heard the saying don't quit your day job. But this Labor Day if you're looking for a new job or thinking about getting into a different industry, it might be helpful to know which jobs will be hot in the years to come.

Blinn College Career Counselor James Latimer uses information from the U.S. Department of Labor to answer that question.

"We've got healthcare, computer programmers, computer science related types of occupations, retails sales occupations and servers in restaurants," he said.

Latimer says these industries have been in a demand for a while, so it's not surprising they are continuing to grow.

"It's not surprising because data like this doesn't change rapidly. You don't see spikes on the charts."

In Brazos Valley, the job market is slightly different because of the high student population. Jobs in retail stores and restaurants are largely taken by students working part time.

"They work in a lot of these occupations because the occupations are prevalent and we know they are taking many of those jobs," said Latimer.

Jobs in demand in the Brazos Valley include, registered nurses, medical assistants, accountants, computer specialists and child care workers.

Blinn works directly with Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley to monitor the local job base. From there, they develop training programs.

"We consider and really plan the training process so that not only does the job seeker benefit, but the employer is going to benefit because he has a higher skill to begin with," he said.

Latimer says no matter which industry you are considering, proper education and training always put some applicants ahead of others.