New Sub Arrives in Galveston for Commissioning

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The Navy's newest submarine has arrived in Galveston for a commissioning ceremony this weekend.

The Texas docked Monday in preparation for Saturday's scheduled commissioning by first lady Laura Bush. That's when the vessel will officially earn a "USS" designator.

The tall ship Elissa, which was built in 1877, guided the submarine into Galveston's harbor.

Galveston Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas and other city officials invited the submarine's 150 crew members to make the most of their week on the Texas coast.

Security was tight for the arrival of the submarine, which will be based in Groton, Connecticut.

Construction of the two-pount-seven (b) dollar vessel began in 2002. It weighs 78-hundred tons, measures 377 feet long and can remain submerged on covert surveillance up to three months.