Substitutes Needed in Bryan ISD

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Bryan ISD recently gave a pay raise to their substitutes. Substitute teachers are now paid $55.00 per day and paraprofessionals are paid $44.00 per day. But the district is still having problems filling substitute positions.

"It's something that every school needs and you can't do without the substitute. If you don't have someone in the classroom the instruction is not taking place," said Donnie Victorick, substitute teacher.

Victorick retired from the Snook ISD and now he spends his free time as a substitute teacher for Bryan ISD.

"I needed to have something to do to keep my mind fresh and occupied and young. So I decided I'd start substituting," he said.

He's rarely ever without work because he fills in somewhere in the district almost everyday.

"It's challenging at times," said Victorick. "Simply because the class doesn't respond to a substitute as well as it would a regular teacher."

Substitutes like Victorick are in high demand. Bryan ISD has about 500 subs on their roster, but even with a number that high there's still a need for more. The district says on average they use about 150 substitutes from the 500 available per day.

Sandy Farris with BISD says that number includes more than just teachers. The district also has to fill office staff and administration needs must be met.

"We do have a problem sometimes because the majority of our substitutes are college students and because of their schedule, they can only come in a few days a week or their hours are limited," said Farris.

Some days, especially in the Spring, the district doesn't have enough substitutes to fill all of the vacancies.

"If it's a classroom teacher position, we just have teachers cover that class during their conference period. We just do a lot of shuffling around," Farris said.

Since those type of adjustments aren't desirable, that's why substitutes like Victorick are ideal. If more don't start to apply, the district will find themselves in an even tougher position when the new schools open.