Aggies To Help Improve Trinity River

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Thanks to Governor Rick Perry, and a group of Aggies, the Trinity River Basin will be getting some VIP treatment. Wednesday, Gov. Perry announced more than 500 thousand dollars will be made available to the Environmental Restoration Project for the Trinity River Basin.

That project will be headed up by A&M's Texas Water Resource Institute. The Aggies will work side by side with The Trinity Basin Conservation Foundation.

All the money, and all those minds, will be used to improve the water quality and create wildlife habitats.
The state funds will be used for storm water control, irrigation programs and education. These funds plus additional state and private dollars that could be contributed toward this effort could leverage as much as thirty million in the next three to five years to develop a comprehensive water flow model with the Army Corps of Engineers, improve water quality, enhance wildlife habitat, and expand ecotourism opportunities in the Trinity River Basin.

The Trinity River Basin stretches from Dallas all the way down to Houston. The river provides water to fourty percent of the state's population.