TI Racing to Develop Chips for Cell Phone TV Recorders

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Texas Instruments will show off its technology that enables cell phones to record TV shows.

The Dallas-based chip maker will go up against Qualcomm in a market that analysts say holds huge potential.

TI says it will demonstrate its recording and picture-within-picture technology at a trade show this week in Amsterdam.

TI says the first handsets using its chip for recording video will be on the market next year.

But no wireless operator in the US has announced plans to sell phones with TI's chip.

The chip is based on an open technological standard called digital video broadcast-handheld or DVBH.

Qualcomm has signed a deal with Verizon Wireless, which plans to launch a recordable cell phone TV service next year. Verizon will use a proprietary Qualcomm standard called FLO.