CSPD Officers Become Collectables

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They may not be worth the money of a Honus Wagner rookie, but College Station Police hopes you'll pick up their new trading cards.

The department unveiled the first 27 cards featuring different members of the force. CSPD made the purchase through a justice department grant for community involvement.

It's not the first time the department has had trading cards. They last did it back in 1993.

"Not only do the children get to know the officers and see them as real people, but so do the parents," said Chief Michael Clancey, who is among the 27 with cards. "It brings a face and a message on the back of the card, and gives everybody an opportunity to be up close and personal with the officer."

While officials say not to ask for a card while an officer is giving a ticket or working a crime scene, they say there will eventually be a prize for the person who collects the entire set.