Judge Recuses Self in UT Case

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An Austin federal judge has removed himself from a lawsuit against the University of Texas.

That's after the plaintiff's attorney questioned his acceptance of free Longhorns football tickets.

US District Judge Sam Sparks recused himself from a discrimination lawsuit filed by UT law professor Loftus Carson. That was after Carson's attorney demanded a list of all gifts Sparks had received from the university and its officials.

An investigation by the Austin American-Statesman found that Sparks and 29 other judges have received free or reduced-price football tickets from UT. It reports Sparks and other judges also have attended pregame receptions hosted by the UT System that featured free food and alcohol.

Carson alleges the UT law school has denied him and other black faculty members summer research grants and law school committee

The defendants have denied wrongdoing.

Sparks told the Statesman last week he considered the tickets and receptions a "small token favor" in recognition of the time he and other judges spend serving on UT law school panels.