Gas Drop Trend Continues in Texas

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HOUSTON -- How low can they go?

It's been five straight weeks that Texas retail gasoline prices have fallen. The weekly AAA Texas gas price survey out today finds the statewide average price of regular, self-serve gas at the pumps is averaging $2.57 per gallon. That's down 12 cents from last week and means Texans a paying less for the gas than they did a year ago.

Auto club spokeswoman Rose Rougeau attributes the price drop to a calmer year weather-wise than the past two, when hurricanes sucker-punched the Gulf Coast oil industry.

The biggest gas price drop was found in Texarkana, Texas, where they fell 13 cents per gallon to $2.54. The lowest price was found in Corpus Christi, where it fell 12 cents to $2.39 per gallon. The costliest gas remains in El Paso, where retail prices average $2.74 per gallon, despite an eight-cent drop.

Nationally, retail gasoline prices are averaging $2.70 cents per gallon, down eleven cents.

These are average per-gallon prices of regular, self-serve gasoline in Texas metro areas and the change from last week, according to today's AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch:

Austin-San Marcos -- $2.665, down 7.9 cents
Amarillo -- $2.601, down 12.4 cents
Beaumont -- $2.555, down 11.7 cents
Corpus Christi -- $2.391, down 12.1 cents.
Dallas -- $2.535, down 11.9 cents
El Paso -- $2.735, down 7.6 cents
Fort Worth -- $2.528, down 11.7 cents
Galveston-Texas City -- $2.565, down 13.3 cents
Houston -- $2.529, down 12.4 cents
San Antonio -- $2.576, down 9.5 cents
Texarkana (Texas only) -- $2.539, down 13.2 cents