Bush Library Remembers 9/11

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The fifth anniversary of the September 11th attacks is only days away, but the memory of the event will always remain. The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum has an exhibit to remember those who lost their lives and honor those that continue to serve.

"What started out to be a beautiful sunny day, quickly turned into instant darkness," said Chris Gallagher, NYPD.

The library and museum and Texas Task Force One are remembering the fallen and honoring the heroes.

"Their spirit became an inspiration to all of us and to generations yet born," said Rep. Chet Edwards, (D) District 17.

In a ceremony Saturday, emergency responders from across the country, and globe, gave recounts of terrorists attacks here and abroad.

"It was moments later that the North tower collapsed, creating a sound which I had never heard before. The air thickened with chocking smoke dust and debris," said Gallagher.

"9/11, July 7th and the recent events involving a failed plot to down several aircraft flying from the UK to the US, highlight the need for us all to continue working together," said Brian Freeman, London Fire Brigade.

With close to 100 Texas Task Force One members present, Congressman Chet Edwards gave a promise to do everything possible to protect the homeland.

"We can, we must and we will ensure that the truly lasting legacy of September 11th will be the triumph of the human spirit," he said.

Following the ceremony, hundreds of attendees made their way to the museum rotunda where a piece of steel that was recovered from the World Trade Center is on display.

"I wasn't prepared, I didn't bring tissue. This has been a very interesting morning seeing this," said Barbara Lee, museum visitor.

Most people remember where they were and what they were doing September 11, 2001 when the attacks happened. While the devastation of the event will always live, it's events like this that provide a forum to honor the nation's heroes