Minuteman Project Plans Border-Watch Effort

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Civilian border-watchers Monday plan to begin monitoring the Texas-Mexico border for illegal immigrants.

The Minuteman Project will team with its Texas affiliate and the American Border Patrol of Arizona to track suspected illegal immigrants and report them to the US Border Patrol.

Texas Minutemen President Shannon McGauley says the beginning
and ending dates will help bring attention to the border security. The operation begins September 11th, on the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks. It ends November 7th, Election Day.

McGauley expects up to 300 people initially.

The groups plan a noontime rally in Laredo. They hope to start patrols in the highly trafficked Laredo area by evening.

Acting chief patrol agent for the Laredo sector Reynaldo Garza has said the volunteers help information flow to Border Patrol agents. But he emphasized that the agency never requests help from civilian groups.