Caldwell High School Students Remember 9/11

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They couldn't drive or vote, but they were old enough to understand something bad had happened.

Caldwell High School students were only in middle school on September 11, 2001, but they remember exactly where they were.
Their views may have changed over the years, but what they felt when they saw America attacked will stay with them forever.

"I was kind of scared and then I was shocked it happened," Caldwell High School Junior D. Lester Sheppard said. "I never thought anything like that would happen."

"We were really little," Caldwell High School Freshman De'Andrea Daniels said. "We were in the 4th grade. I mean we heard it and we saw it, but I didn't grasp it until I got home."

For these students, 9/11 was the first national tragedy of their lives.

"It shocked me that people could come into our country and do something like that, but yet I feel a little bit better about how we're doing something now to prevent it," Danielle Heathman, a Caldwell High School Junior said. "They're not just going to let it happen again."

As the students reflected, they heard from one man who was at Ground Zero following the attacks.
Fred Taylor, Battalion Chief for the Bryan Fire Department, was deployed with Texas Task Force 1 a few days after 9/11.

"It was hard to describe when we first walked into the site," Taylor said. "Just everywhere you looked there was destruction and the bad part was that we were looking for our own."

The task force had gone to search for survivors, but the devastation was too great.

"Sights, sounds, pictures of this or that and it will bring back some thoughts," Taylor said.

Thoughts Taylor would like to forget, but wants others to remember.

"There is always the slightest chance that anything could happen, but I don't think it will happen again," Heathman said.

"I don't feel any safer now than before because personally before it happened they were saying how safe America was and it still happened," Daniels said. "What they're doing now should have been done at the beginning."