Controversy Again for Bonfire

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The Aggie Student Bonfire is upon us again and again there's controversy.

"They're too late, they can't put it all together," said Judge Randy Sims, Brazos County.

Sims, an Aggie himself, says he understands why students want to continue the tradition. The deadline for submitting paperwork to the county however, has passed and he has no intention of extending it.

"We've got nothing to look at, I mean they don't have anything and that is a big problem," he said.

In previous years, the county has been flexible with the deadline. Sims says they can't continue to be lenient.

"In particular this day in time, as dry as it is, we're still under a burn ban so consequently I'm concerned about our citizens," said Sims.

Students organizing the event wouldn't comment on Judge Sims' position, but they did say they plan on having the event in the county.

"According to state law, for the mass gathering permit you have 45 days prior to the event to apply for the permit. Our event is scheduled for November 21," said Chance Robinson, event organizer.

Because partnerships for this type of event have to be made with the fire department and sheriff's office, the county gave the students a deadline of mid-august to have contracts signed.

"If they come in here now, here it is the middle of September, I'm sorry I could not approve that bonfire at all," said Sims.

Even knowing that information, students still plan on submitting the paperwork for approval.