CS Residents Concerned About Overgrown Creek

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"They keep saying they're coming out, they're looking at it. Well, what are they looking at," said Kenny Bergmann, College Station resident.

A group of College Station neighbors in the Woodsman Condos say an overgrown ditch has made their backyards a mosquito magnet, which increases the probability for West Nile.

"Everybody is talking about this," said Bergmann. "There's mosquitoes right here in our bed and we're scared."

Bergman has lived in his condo for two years and he says for two years, he has asked the city to do something about the problem.

"We've made four phone calls and we sent a fax. I was actually going to ask for a meeting for the man to come down here and meet with me so I can walk the area with him," he said.

Just a week ago, the grass was so overgrown it hid the ditch. Residents took matters into their own hands and rented equipment to take care of the problem and cut down the grass. They say that's a responsibility they can't continue without help from the city.

"Several people have mowed the grass down to the ditch," said Bergmann. "I have got down and moved branches and stuff."

Marshall Wallace with the City of College Station Public Works is aware of the problem and confirms receiving letters, e-mails and faxes from area residents. He says the department will be out to clean the area.

"In the next two to four weeks, as soon as we finish up some other projects that we're working on, we'll be out there to do some work," said Wallace.

Bergman says he's been hearing that from the city for years, and if they have come out, he hasn't noticed any changes.

This time he hopes he can see a difference. If he doesn't, the city will be getting more letters from him and his neighbors.