Rudder's Rangers Recruit with Mock Assault

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One of the most recognizable groups in Texas A&M's Corps is Rudder's Rangers. Cadets with the desire to learn infantry tactics sign up with the group. But Tuesday afternoon, the Rangers used one of their loudest and most intense displays to recruit new cadets.

It was only a drill, but a pretty important one in the eyes of Rudder's Rangers.

"We were well prepared going into it," said William Wardwell, one of the rangers. "We knew when, how, where and what to do and I think if flowed real smoothly."

"Every year, we have this big ordeal to try to get the best in the Corps and the most interested in the Army to come out and participate," said Ranger Trevor Barrett.

It's certainly as explosive a recruiting tool as you'll find, with firearms rattling and concussive explosions.

"We're for improving Army cadets and getting them into an Army career," said Wardwell of the rangers.

With an enemy outfit on the outskirts of the Quad, Apache helicopters on the horizon, and armed men rappelling from buildings, what may look chaotic to the untrained eye is poetry in motion for the soldier in training.

"It's definitely controlled in my eyes," said Barrett. "We practice this all year long. We had a lot of weaponry, a lot of ammo.

"It's all very broken down," he continued. "Everybody has a certain thing to do. It goes from commanding officer and it keeps going down from there."

And with a lot of people looking on, some may just join one of the most revered groups at A&M.

"It just gives you more to look at when you're pulling security because you actually have something you can focus on for you to say, 'what if somebody was coming from over there," said Robert White, another Ranger.

But at this point, the Rangers hope a new generation is drawn by a little shock and awe on the Quad.

In addition to the assault on the Quad, other big events for the Rangers include war games at Fort Hood, and the Best Ranger Games at the end of the school year.