DeLay Indictment

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Tom DeLay's lawyer calls it "just another bump in the road."

The highest criminal appeals court in Texas says it will consider reinstating a conspiracy charge against the former US House Republican Leader.

The decision to revisit the dismissed charge means more time will pass before the former Houston-area congressman comes to trial on felony money laundering and conspiracy counts. A grand jury indicted DeLay and two political consultants last year on charges stemming from GOP fund-raising in the 2002 legislative races.

DeLay's attorney, Dick DeGuerin says he'd hoped the higher criminal court would "refuse to get involved" but he says he's also "not really shocked" by the judges' decision.

DeLay insists the fund-raising transactions were legal, but has since resigned his seat in Congress.

Ed Marty, general counsel to the court, says a ruling is not likely to come before next year.