Perot Staying Out of Governor's Race

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A governor's race with two independent candidates isn't enough to entice Dallas billionaire Ross Perot to get involved in a campaign again.

The man who twice ran for president as a third-party candidate tells The Dallas Morning News he's staying out of politics and sticking with issues.

Perot's Reform Party campaign drew enough votes in 1992 to help Bill Clinton defeat President George H.W. Bush. Perot ran again for president in 1996.

He has been known in the past to make endorsements.

This time around, Perot hasn't donated to any of the gubernatorial candidates, the newspaper reported.

He also hasn't voted in a primary since the Republican contest of 1994.

Republican Governor Rick Perry is running for re-election and faces independent candidates Kinky Friedman and Carole Keeton Strayhorn. Democrat Chris Bell and Libertarian James Werner also are running.