The CW Hits the Air

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Starting Monday, September 18, there will be a new television network you can watch in the Brazos Valley.

That's when the CW Network makes its debut, replacing both UPN and The WB.

It may be a new network, but you can still catch your favorite shows on the CW.

The network combines the best shows you have grown to love on the WB and UPN.

"The two networks were doing marginally ok, but they decided they would be much stronger as one," Mike Wright, KBTX General Manager said.

You may recall UPN BCS launched in January, and only a few hours after the ribbon was cut, an unexpected television merger was announced.

"18 hours later from us being all excited in the euphoria of a new station, UPN says oops we're out of here and we'll be going out with the WB, but forming a new network," Wright said. "So we had to fight to get the affiliation back, but the UPN still has done really well here."

And executives believe the CW will do even better.

The network will target 18 to 34 year olds, with shows like "Everybody Hates Chris," "One Tree Hill," "Gilmore Girls" and "America's Next Top Model."

"We think in a town that has an average age of 26.1, plus the influence of the university, that it should perform well in that younger demographic," Wright said.

And you'll also be able to catch Big 12 basketball on the CW. Some of the Aggie Basketball games will be aired on KBTX and the CW, and you'll be able to watch most of the Big 12 Tournament.

The CW will make its debut Monday on Suddenlink Cable Channel 20.
Then, starting October 2nd, the CW will move to Channel 8.

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